Grant Funds Energy Conservation Roadmap

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has granted the University $150,000 to develop a comprehensive Energy Conservation Roadmap. The roadmap will provide general guidance on how the University can increase its energy efficiency over the next ten years as well as short term measures that can be implemented to realize energy savings.

The University has partnered with Wendel Energy to assist with the study. Two-thirds of the project’s expenses will be covered by the grant with the remaining invested by Utilities and Energy Management.

The roadmap consists of six parts and is scheduled to be completed this fall.

  1. Execution Process: Collaboration between the Holistic Energy Action Team (HEAT) and Utilities and Energy Management to leverage an overarching strategy, create a tactical approach to identify opportunities, develop projects, and implement solutions.
  2. ECMs: Evaluate the potential cost and savings associated with Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) proposed to be included in future energy projects.  Examples include: lighting upgrades, steam to hot water conversions, laboratory heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system improvements, HVAC control upgrades, heat recovery systems, and additional photovoltaic systems.
  3. Energy Dashboard, Analytics and Reporting: Develop a plan for a dashboard which will serve multiple end-use functions including: metering, billing, energy use and greenhouse gas performance analytics, energy conservation project tracking, and engage the UR community by providing visibility into our energy use and associated carbon emissions across our campuses.
  4. Energy Use Intensity Map: Develop a heat-map showing campus energy usage using data from the GIS database, building level utility history, and building area. Scenarios will be studied with and without considering Utility Plant energy contributions.
  5. Compilation of the Energy Management and Conservation Plan: Compile all other parts into a single comprehensive plan which can be used to guide energy conservation for the University for the next ten years.
  6. Coordination with other Utility planning efforts: Utilities and Energy Management is undertaking a broad scale analysis and planning effort which will set the direction of the utilities infrastructure at the University for the next ten plus years. Energy conservation is strategically tied into all other planning efforts.

“This grant provides us with a fantastic opportunity to have a comprehensive, realistic and effective energy conservation plan which will lead the way for the University of Rochester to become a more sustainable campus,” says Utilities and Energy Management Energy Engineer Timothy Vann.

The Energy Conservation Roadmap is not the first NYSERDA funded project at the University. NYSERDA supported the replacement of Dewey Hall’s heating and cooling system in 2014 which continues to contribute to the University’s overall energy savings. NYSERDA also awarded the University $59,361 in recognition of O’Brien Hall as an energy efficient building. Most recently, NYSERDA supported the $1 Million Solar Power and Energy Storage Project which helped line the roof of the Goergen Athletic Center with solar panels that will provide enough energy to offset the near net-zero office building soon to be constructed on the south side of Hutchinson Hall. Projects like these help the University and surrounding communities conserve energy and move towards a more sustainable future.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022



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  1. Your article is a very beautiful piece of information. Energy resources are important to the human being. We need to work on saving our energy resources for the future generation.

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