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Seven Sustainable Winter Essentials

As a girl who comes from tropical South Florida, I was not prepared for what the Rochester winter had in store. Here are seven essential things that have gotten me through those tough chilly days!

  1. A good lip balm

Nothing is worse than the cold, dry air that comes with the winter weather. Make sure to keep a reliable lip balm on hand to avoid the unpleasantries of chapped lips. Many local boutiques and shops have a variety of balms with various scents, flavors, and oils. Go find which ones for you!

  1. A warm hat

We’re starting off simple but it’s a must. With the bitter Rochester winds, a warm hat does the trick. Head over to the local shops of Rochester for something unique to keep yourself warm.

  1. A waterproof coat

It’s rough starting the day trudging through the snow to get to class, only to be drenched in melting snow. Save up for a good, waterproof coat or simply go to a second hand shop! This way, you save money and save contributions to waste caused by the fashion industry.

  1. A cozy scarf

My favorite thing to wear is a scarf that was gifted to me. Its soft and warm, making walks across campus a little less dreadful.

  1. A good book

Head over to your local bookstore or thrift store and find a new story to dive into. If you go to a local book store, they can give you a good recommendation and even taylor it to your interests. Trust me, nothing is better than a good book when the snow gets heavy or the wind might just blow you away.

  1. A travel mug

Insulated, with a straw, venti sized – there are a lot of options out there for your preferred warm drink. Say no to single use cups and enjoy your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in something that is just yours and won’t contribute to pollution.

  1. Wool socks

Ok, oddly specific? This is for a reason. Wool is a sustainable material and wool socks are meant to last! They keep you warm and will last, trust me.


Written by Anamaria Flores, Class of 2021

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