Sustainability Superstar: Tony Pignagrande

Campus Executive Chef Tony Pignagrande’s passion for sustainability extends beyond the kitchen. In his work with Headwater Food, a University vendor, he underscores the importance of minimizing the transportation distance of food products. Tony believes that instead of transporting food from California and Florida, it is best to get local ingredients when possible.

Tony also believes there is an understated importance in how our food is packaged. As a result, he is trying to move to plastic foldable bins, rather than using cardboard boxes. All of these things combined will allow for better product quality, a lower carbon footprint, and reduced waste. Tony’s main focus in his collaboration with Headwater is to encourage the company to adopt a culture of sustainability.

In addition to his work on campus, Tony brings his passion for sustainable food habits home. He visits area farmers markets with his two daughters and talks to them about where food comes from and the work that goes into growing food. His family also works together in their garden and talks about the importance of consuming food at its peak quality and nutrition. His garden is full of flowers and food that allow his girls to see the value in growing things themselves.

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