Student’s Corner

Still on the lookout for a Mother’s Day present? Here are some gifts you can give that will make both your mother and Mother Earth happy –

  • Potted plants – as opposed to buying cut flowers, go with plants that are alive and can grow
  • Reusable bags – improve her grocery trips with swanky reusable bags
  • A home-cooked meal – make her a home-cooked meal, a meaningful and simple way to show her that you care
  • Crafts – make her a gift, whether if be a scarf, hat, or finger-painting – it’ll be clear that it came from the heart
  • Upcycled goods – turn an old t-shirt or bottle into a something new and beautiful
  • CSA membership – have a fresh-food-loving mom? Give her a membership to your local community food share!

These are just a few ways that you can celebrate a sustainable Mother’s Day. Now to all Mothers – sit back, relax, and enjoy your day!

Written by Teddi Shapiro, class of 2019

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