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With my 20th birthday only a week away, the nostalgia of past birthday parties seems to be ever present on my mind. From pirates and roller skating to superheroes and pool parties, my parents must have been driven crazy with all the planning for these themed parties. What more, with all the party decorations, plates, goodie bags, etc. that needed to be ordered, throwing a birthday party for your kids can be pricey and unsustainable. However, with a little creativity and these theme ideas, your kids are sure to have an awesome time, while saving money and not putting as much in the landfill.


Pirate Barrrrrrbeque  mean-little-pirate

As a kid, there was nothing I liked more than hearing tales of pirates on the high seas. In fact, I used to listen to cassette tapes (crazy what we had to do before I-Pods) about pirate adventures as I went to sleep. Of course, it was only natural that I wanted a pirate pool party sooner or later. But how to go about avoiding the “theme party packs” that seem to be the easy way out these days? Well why not make homemade eyepatches and bandanas? You could also burn the edges of a piece of paper that you drew on to make an old treasure map. The map with riddles could lead to a scavenger hunt around your house, with clues on where the next ‘gold doubloon’ might be hidden. Perhaps the best treasure of all could be homemade deserts and cake that are hidden away in a chest or shoebox. Since this is a barbeque, make sure that your hot dogs and hamburgers are labeled as grass-fed and that your fruits and vegetables are supporting local farmers from around your area. Check out my article from 2 weeks ago for picking your own berries or even making your own ice cream for the party.


Camp Out Under the Stars Camping on Culross Island, Prince William Sound, Chugach National Forest, Alaska. (MR)

Having been camping near WaterTown recently for Father’s Day, being out in nature still proves to be an incredible experience. Thus, this would be a perfect party for kids a little older, with everyone bring their sleeping bags to camp out in the back yard or even at a lake house. Maybe buy an early birthday present of a telescope for looking at the night sky. You can go hiking, challenging the kids to find certain items from a checklist while you make the trek. Also simply being outside and enjoying nature is a huge plus! You can find compostable tableware here and think about making pinecone bird feeders as party gifts.


I’m no expert when it comes to sustainable parties, but I recommend checking out these blogs here and here to discover ways to keep your party green and sustainable!


Have a sustainable party theme or idea that has worked for you in the past? Let me know in the comment section below!


Written by Jacob Post, Class of 2017

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  1. Camping idea near a lake seems to be a fairly great idea. Twentieth birthdays are seriously such a tease. You’re not quite old enough to drink, but you aren’t a teenager anymore. One can’t go wrong with amusement parks. Everyone loves amusement parks. There’s always something for everyone: a smooth, simple, and cute ride for the scaredy cats of the group, and crazy coasters for the thrill seekers. Not to mention tons of awesome games, delicious treats, and amazing food places to indulge in all your favorites! Why not do something you have never done before. Maybe go bungee jumping or skydiving. Maybe try sushi or some exotic dish you’ve never heard before. Maybe you could jump into the ocean from a pier way high up or go hiking up the tallest mountain around. There’s TONS of options.

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