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Are you looking for something fun and different to do this summer? Spend an evening at the Seneca Park Zoo for a cocktail hour! Several Fridays in the summer, the Seneca Park Zoo hosts ZooBrew, a 21+ event that features drinks, live music, and of course, the animals! Entrance to the zoo costs $10, and the money actually goes towards the zoo and the animals. The event is held rain or shine and does not sell out. So grab some friends and head to the zoo this summer! The dates of ZooBrew and the bands featured are below:

zoo lion zoo seal

June 20 – At the Pavilion: Teagan and the Tweeds

At the Canteen: Alex Dibiase

At the Tent: Johnny Bauer.

July 18 – At the Pavilion: No Boundries

At the Canteen: Men Behaving Badly

At the Tent: The Midnight City

August 8 – At the Pavilion: Fat City

At the Canteen: Neil Van Dorn 3

At the Tent: Key Dreamers

September 5 – At the Pavilion: Bill Schmitt & the Bluesmasters

At the Canteen: Amy Montrois

At the Tent: Joe Brucato


Questions? Call (5850 336-7200

Hope to see you there!


Written by: Lauren Henry, class of 2014


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