Green Apps for Your Home

Shopping for eco-friendly food, expensive cleaning chemicals, yard flooding, and expired food are all relatively common problems in running a green house. Use these apps to keep your shopping, cooking, cleaning, and landscaping environmentally conscious.

Rain Garden: This app provides step by step guidance through the process of designing, installing, and maintaining a rain garden. It is intended as a resource for homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and more. It also helps you select native non invasive plants that will work well in your rain garden and provides tools to determine rain garden size, a soil drainage map, and a cost calculator.

Seafood Watch: Seafood Watch helps you choose ocean-friendly seafood at your favorite restaurants and stores. This app brings you the most current recommendations for seafood and sushi along with complete information about how each item should be fished or farmed. You can contribute by adding the names of restaurants and stores in the United States where you’ve found sustainable seafood to  Project FishMap. There is also a comprehensive list that allows you to search for seafood quickly and sort by Best Choice, Good Alternative, and Avoid.

Green Egg Shopper: This app is targeted to reduce your food waste by ensuring you never miss another ‘use by’ or expiration date. It provides ways for you to manage shopping lists, reduce food waste, watch expenses, and avoid overbuying. The app also creates a ‘Use Me Now’ list consisting of items near expiration that is sure to be useful when planning meals.

Good Guide: This app makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products. Through its search and barcode scanner, you can find health, environmental, and social performance ratings for over 120,000 food, personal care, and household products. You can also personalize the search by selecting the issues you care most about and gauge how products perform in accordance.

Green Shine: This app provides alternatives to commercial cleaners with homemade alternatives. Solutions for every room (living room, kitchen, bathroom) are available. From window cleaning to stain removal, the app contains environmentally friendly solutions using basic ingredients such as salt or vinegar.

By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013


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