Clay’s Green Corner

Greetings friends. The Green Corner along with all of our staff, colleagues and the entire University of Rochester community extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the mass-shooting earlier today in Colorado. Our thoughts and wishes for peace are with all of you.

Just a quick up-date on our 2nd annual Shred Fest. In partnership with our vendor, Iron Mountain ( they responsibly and environmentally destroy documents and other material that contains personal information in accordance with county, state and federal regulations), once a year we at University Facilities and Services sponsor a personal document shred event, where any member of the UR community (faculty, staff, retirees, students, etc.) can bring from home personal papers such as cancelled checks, bank/credit card statements and other documents that, if mishandled could lead to identity theft as well as other terrible/financial crises. Some home shredders aren’t powerful enough to handle a lot of documents, so we welcome all members of the UR community as they can safely and securely destroy these items just as we would were they departmental items. And once again, we are more than pleasantly surprised by the turn out. Last year we had filled 20, 80 gallon totes ( each tote holds about 200 pounds of paper) by 9AM. This year we have filled 30 totes by 9:30AM.  Our community is thankful, and most appreciative of our event. Lead by Recycling guru, Amy Kadrie and her minions, um student “helpers”, and a couple of us ” more experienced” employees love working these types of events since it’s win-win. People feel safer, we help them do that.

We’ll be around until 4:30PM today at Park Lot. We still have plenty of totes to fill. Come on by and let us give you at least a little bit of peace of mind. We are honored to serve you.

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