Game Day Challenge Results

We entered, we played, and we did great!! Not only did the Yellowjackets win the Meliora weekend game vs. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but we also scored pretty big in recycling! The EPA’s WasteWise Game Day Challenge, is a friendly competition between colleges and universities to amp up their recycling and waste reduction efforts at football games. It has a similar spirit to RecycleMania, only for this event the focus is zeroed in to the opportunity of game concessions, tailgaters, and the like which often gets overlooked across campuses.

The rules are fairly simple. Competitors simply choose one home game during which to promote and track their efforts. Then results are reported and calculated for 5 different categories:


        1. Waste Generation: The school with the lowest per capita waste generation wins.
        2. Diversion Rate: The school with the largest overall (combines trash, recycling, and composting data) recycling rate wins.
        3. Greenhouse Gas Reduction: The school with the largest greenhouse gas reduction wins.
        4. Recycling: The school with the largest recycling rate wins.
        5. Organics Reduction: The school with the largest organic reduction rate wins.

So how did we do? Our division rate was 66.4%, which is pretty darn good considering that the overall rate for the entire University is currently at about 34%. Out of the .88 pounds per person of all trash and recyclables produced, the per capita rate for recyclables was .58 pounds per person! Well done!

We won’t know how our scores compared to others until they are published after the competition period ends on November 15th. But stay tuned and go to for the most up-to-date results!

A special thanks to the Men’s Baseball team for helping out with cleanup, to the Athletics Department for making announcements during the game, to our partner Waste Managment, and of course to all those who recycled!


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