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Greetings, earth buds. Every so often the Green Corner goes on a fall cleaning binge and ties up odds and ends. Fortunately, this feeling of accomplishment passes quickly and I can return to “normal”. If there is a place for everything and everything in its place, well we’d have too many folks running around with OCD. So, I’m here to balance the scales.

Here at University Facilities and Services, we are getting back to normal after an extremely busy month. Our annual Meliora celebration was fabulous (as always), and a lot of the credit to the success of that weekend goes to the men and women of the University of Rochester‘s Facilities and Services who literally worked around the clock making sure our beautiful campus was a warm and welcoming environment for our returning alums, as well as parents, and many guests and other members of the University community.

If you haven’t heard, our annual E-Cycle event (for UR staff to bring in old, unused, broken electronic equipment), held on October 28 was a success as always. This year we collected almost 31,500 pounds of material that could have ended up at a landfill. Thanks to all who worked the event and a special thanks to those of you who came by to participate and drop off your unwanted equipment. If you missed us this year, don’t worry, we’ll still be doing this as long as there is a need. It is indeed a labor of love.

For those of you in Monroe County, I hope you have heard of the grand opening of eco -park a collaborative effort between Waste Management and Monroe County. Located at 10 Avion Drive, eco-park is open from Wednesdays through Saturdays (except holidays) from 7:30AM to 1PM. You may drop off electronics, propane tanks, cooking oil, fluorescent lights as well as scrap metal, sharps and syringes. Some items will require you to make an appointment or to look for a special collection event for items such as household hazardous waste, medications, and some appliances Please visit their website at or call 585.753.7600.

Finally, the Green Corner drove through a brief snow squall this morning, so it’s a good time to remember to get your vehicle in tip-top shape for our always too long winters. Make sure your tires are inflated properly, keep that oil changed for an efficient engine, check to make sure your defroster and heater are in good shape, please use caution on the roads, stay off that cell phone and if I catch you texting and driving I will stop by and give you a major time-out. Don’t forget your home, too. Make sure those storm windows are up and your furnace is inspected and cleaned. This is always a good time to replace those batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, also.

Stay toasty!

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