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Dandelion lovers, thanks for stopping back. There are many cool things about the University of Rochester and if you a re a regular or irregular(not a character flaw) reader of The Green Dandelion you are well aware of the eclectic nature of our topics and discussions. While our mission is to keep you informed of planet friendly activities Facilities and Services engages, we also talk about the city, county, western NY and other places. Because, it is after all, a small world. And there is only one. So, it’s not hard to figure out why we are here.

Performing good and necessary deeds for our environment is not a solitary affair. We all rely on each other to do what we can. We like to sing our praises when we deserve it and we’re not afraid to take out lumps when we deserve that, also. So, forgive me a bit if I can take this opportunity to sing/wail/bellow the praises of our Grounds department under the management of Dan Schied. The Professional Grounds Management Society, Green Star has awarded the University of Rochester its 2011 Grand Award for Urban University Grounds. It is the only Grand Award given to an urban campus this year. On Friday, October 28 (hey, that’s the day of our household e-cycle event, too) Dan will accept this award at the PGMS awards banquet and expo in Lexington, KY. To learn more about PGMS, visit them at:

Like we said, we don’t fail alone and we don’t succeed alone. This prestigious award could not have come about without the efforts of our administration for commiting resources to making our campus so beautiful, our students who understand the true meaning of stewardship, and most of all Dan’s crew who are out there every day, every week, every season maintaining our campus and preparing for the future. A hearty hat tip and ‘job well done” to Mike, Ron, Chris, Andy, Doug, Keith, Ron, John, Al, Chris, Chuck and our Site Services staff. Thank you, all. You make us proud.

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