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As the University and its surrounding properties are located smack dab on the border of the City of Rochester and the suburbs of Henrietta and Brighton, many individuals within our community are quite familiar with the very cool planet-loving organization called Color Brighton Green. This group of very dedicated individuals is involved in many things from increasing recycling efforts in schools to supporting the local Brighton Farmers’ Market located in the parking lot of Brighton High School.

One of the organization’s initiatives is to sponsor Curb Your Car Week, which is taking place next week from October 2nd through 8th. The idea of this is pretty self-explanatory; for those who normal drive an automobile on a daily basis to go outside of their comfort zone for the week by choosing other modes of transportation.  You can register on the website and do not need to be a Brighton resident to participate. At the end of the week, a survey is sent out that asks how many miles people saved and by what means (carpooling, biking, etc.).  From that the miles, gasoline, and pounds of carbon saved is calculated and shared.  Subtotals by employer/school are tracked as well, so let’s all sign up and create a big savings for the University of Rochester!  The week is scheduled to coincide with International Walk to School Day, which is on October 5th, so the whole family including the kids can get involved!

This initiative is an offshoot of the national Way to Go program. Their website offers information and tips on walking, biking, carpooling, taking a bus, and even telecommuting to your job if possible.

Not only is the concept of curbing your car a planet friendly option, but it also promotes a lifestyle which is healthy for humans as well. We all could use a little more exercise before the winter and holiday season come around!  The expense of the holiday season leaves us looking for other ways to tighten the purse strings, so think of the money that you will save that would have otherwise been spent on gas! If you can deal with what may be an inconvenience for some, curbing your car is a true win-win-win situation for the environment, human health, and our pockets. Please join!

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