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Good day, globe advocates. The Green Corner hopes your weekend was funfilled and you had the opportunity to appreciate mama nature in all her splendor. Or, you could have been me and watched various sporting events on the telly. Well, at least I wasn’t adding to our carbon footprint. You’re welcome!

When The Corner did venture outside it was to take part in her only hobby that is not illegal, immoral or fattening. Spring and sumer do not last too long in Rochester (NY), so the outdoor flea market and garage/neighborhood sale season is much shorter than elsewhere around the country. The city of Rochester is proud to be home to one of the oldest Public Markets. Open just a few days per week, the market is packed with vendors and buyers who contribute to the good of the planet by purchasing  locally grown fruits, vegetables and plants which in turn supports our local farmers.

On Sundays, the Public Market becomes the Community Garage sale.  Some professional vendors buy a space, but well over 90% of the space is taken by our friends and neighbors throughout Monroe county. Wandering about the market yesterday, I was struck by a not very original thought: these sales are a wonderful example of the recycling philosophy. The philosophy is simple: reduce, reuse, recycle. In that order. We can reduce our consumption by buying less of what we want and more of what we need. We reuse by buying from others thereby helping put some money in their pocket, but also saving us money because we’re not buying ‘retail’. And if we find no place for reducing or reusing, we can at the very, very least recycle those worn, broken objects that shouldn’t go to the landfill.

We’re still economically hurting here in western New York. I’ve noticed the increase of younger couples selling what appear to be everything from small scale appliances (look like new) to clothes, shoes, and many other items that are in very good condition. I get the sense they would rather not part with a lot of this, but may be forced to.

So, hit up some flea markets, yard sales, neighborhood sales or any place else that offers “trash and treasures”. You’ll be doing something good for the planet and even your neighbor.

And, you never know when you might find that absolutely perfect, mint condition of a portrait of Elvis Presely painted on black velvet. Took me years, but I got mine. Enjoy!

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