Recycling is a ball of fun

lollypop farm

This week the University of Rochester dropped off a sack full of handballs to Lollypop Farm in Perinton, New York. The balls will be used as toys for the cats. Recycling is a joint venture and sometimes requires just a little creativity. In this case, the Athletics Department has given their used handballs to a clowder of cats!

 CatFar too often we trash items that can be used by others. When cleaning out your closets at home this spring, be sure to take the extra time to recycle. Bring a bag of clothes that you no longer wear, but are in good condition to work for your friends to use or to give to their friends or relatives.  Children’s toys can be handed down to friends with younger children.  When you have finished giving your items away, donate what is left. The world will be a better place and the cats will appreciate it!



7 Replies to “Recycling is a ball of fun”

  1. Your post truly made my day! First- it’s about donating and that’s more than great, but the final sentence really melted my heart! “The world will be a better place and the cats will appreciate it!”

  2. if we care with Global warming problem, then we need to contribute, and recycling is one of the best option to do.

  3. Just continue with your mission, I am glad to see that more and more people interested in environmental protection and recycling. You have my full support.

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