Using AllTrails to find fun hikes in and around Rochester

Fall weather means there is still time to take advantage of going outdoors before it’s too late and we are destined for several months of cold days in and walking through the school’s underground tunnels. One of the fun activities you can do is hiking nearby alone or with some friends. If you’re new to Rochester, or have just never had the time to look into trails in the area, AllTrails is a great way to look for possible trails to head to!

AllTrails is an app and a website used to find places to participate in a bunch of outdoor activities. Free to download and sign up, the app is essentially a database of thousands of trail maps collected from all over the world. You can find trails for anything from hiking to mountain biking to trail running.

Within each trail entry, AllTrail users are encouraged to post reviews and photos of the trail, so that there is a large collection of information to look at when picking your trail. Updates are posted constantly by users, so you can be sure that the information about trails will always be up to date.

When searching for trails, you can filter by the type of activity, distance, difficulty, accessibility, and even elevation gain. With such a wide variety of trails posted on the app, the filters make it easier to narrow your search and find what you really want.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using AllTrails:

  • Difficulty is subjective. Some people are beginners while others are more experienced hikers, and they will rate different trails accordingly. Be sure to also take into account the trail length and elevation gain, which are often more useful indicators of how hard the trail will be for you.
  • Note if permits are needed. A lot of parks may require you to purchase a vehicle or park pass in order to go on the trail. Make sure to check ahead of time on the website or read AllTrails reviews to see what other people are saying.
  • Screenshot or download the map offline. This is super useful if you are going to a trail where there is limited cell signal. You don’t want to get lost without any kind of direction to get out, so at least make sure you have a photo of the map on your phone to reference when you don’t have the best data connection.

In the spirit of some of Rochester’s last warm days, here are a few hikes found on AllTrails!

Remember to stay safe and hydrated while hiking!


Written by Carmen Marshall ‘25

Photo by Carmen Marshall

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