Visit the Edible Garden

If you’ve ever walked the path off of Intercampus Rd next to Mt. Hope Cemetery that connects River Campus to the Medical Center, then you might have noticed some different things growing. If you notice what’s along the path there is a lot to discover: a flowering squash vine crawling along the ground, a forest of tomato plants, varieties of herbs, and the towering corn with small green ears getting bigger by the day. This is the Edible Garden curated by University Horticulture and Grounds!

There are many ways to incorporate an edible landscape into small and large spaces. Things like square foot gardening, companion planting, and succession planting are all things that can make growing food in unlikely or small spaces a little easier. Want to learn more? Cornell Cooperative Extension has lots of resources for gardeners.

Photos by Lauren Caruso



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  1. Nature’s abundance takes center stage at the Edible Garden near River Campus and the Medical Center! 🌱🌽 I’m loving the idea of incorporating edible landscapes into both small and large spaces. It’s not just about growing food, it’s about cultivating a deeper connection with the earth. Thanks for sharing!

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