Sustainable Summer Wishes

Summer is a time of beach vacations, swimming, and enjoying time off from school.
While students enjoy the break from worrying about finals and papers, it’s important to keep in mind the impact that our actions can have on the environment. Here are some green tips for the
summer to help you enjoy the season while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Use reusable water bottles 

Use reusable water bottles and avoid single-use plastic for picnics, swimming, and anything in between. This not only reduces plastic waste but also saves you money in the long run.

Public Transportation, Carpooling, and Biking
Use public transportation, carpool, bike, or walk whenever possible. This reduces the
amount of carbon emissions produced by cars and provides a great opportunity to enjoy the cool
summer breeze and soak in the sun.

Use Natural Insect Repellent and Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

Use natural insect repellent instead of chemical-based products. These can harm both humans
and the environment. Natural repellents for insects include essentials oils: peppermint,
eucalyptus, lavender, basil, and citronella are best for dealing with insects. If you are entering a
body of water, use ocean-friendly sunscreen Common sunscreens contain chemicals like
oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are harmful for coral reefs and sea life; switch to
reef-friendly/ocean-friendly sunscreens like “Blue Lizard”—which has been reef-friendly for 20
years, sensitive-skin-friendly, and no.1 pediatrician recommended (highly recommend this

Eco-friendly vacations

Plan eco-friendly vacations by choosing destinations that prioritize sustainability and minimizing
waste. This can be done by choosing somewhere nearby. If you need to fly, look for planes with a
reduced carbon footprint as it contributes less to pollution.

By following these green tips for the summer, you can enjoy the season while minimizing
your impact on the environment. Remember, every small action counts in creating a more
sustainable future for all!


Written by Lugardo Marroquin ‘24