Summer Children’s Book Drive results

In the span of only thirty days, the Summer Children’s Book Drive, organized by University Facilities and Services, received an impressive 473 books donated. These books will help stock the University’s three Little Free Libraries that promote literacy and a love for reading.

There are over 150,000 registered Little Free Libraries located across 115 countries. The mission of Little Free Library is, “to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all through a global network of volunteer-led Little Free Libraries.” Here at the University of Rochester, there are three locations, stationed close to where children are likely to be: the Whipple Park and University Park apartments and the Children’s School at URMC. All three locations have a high need for young children’s books, especially preschool-age material.

The Little Free Library at the Children’s School @ URMC was designed to look like the school building. It features the handprints of some of the students who attended the school at the time the box was created.

The majority of the books donated came from the Golisano Children’s Hospital Advancement team. The team recently received 325 children’s books from a group of Brighton High School students who held a book drive earlier this spring. However, due to rules regarding certain donations, the hospital is only able to accept new books. Associate Director of Advancement and Community Affairs Sarah Craig saw the book drive announcement and reached out to Sustainability Coordinator Amy Kadrie, so the used books could still find a good home. The remaining 148 books were collected through the mail-in program.

Kadrie said, “I’m really grateful that Sarah reached out with the books they were unable to accept, and I am so glad that the efforts and kindness of the students at Brighton High School will still go towards a good cause! Little Free Library welcomes the opportunity for used books to be enjoyed by multiple readers. So, the students behind this collection can rest assured that their books will touch the hands and brighten the days of many children! The same is true for all the books collected, and I appreciate everyone who participated in this program.”

The hundreds of books donated will be used to periodically restock the three University locations to provide nearby children with new reading materials. Not only is this great for the children, but it helps keep books out of the landfills or recycling center and extends their life.

In the spirit of love for both the planet and literacy, all are encourage to visit our Little Free Library locations. As the motto goes “take a book; leave a book”, it is an ideal place to rehome books you have already read that you want to share with others. However, if you have a large number of books to donate that do not easily fit in the book boxes, please reach out to Amy Kadrie at 362-5739 or by email at to inquire.


Written by Sarah Woodams ‘24(T5)