3 Amazing Sustainability Organizations to join in Rochester

If you are interested in environmental activism, there are plenty of groups and communities that you can join as a student at the University of Rochester: from the sustainability-interest housing Greenspace to the vegan club SAVVY. As part of a school that prides itself in connecting with the local community, it might be worthwhile to expand your horizons to local groups. As one of the most neighborly cities in America, Rochester has a vibrant community of local organizations and groups, including environmental ones. Here is a non-exhaustive list of notable environmental groups to follow or join in Rochester.

Climate Solutions Accelerator

Originally named Rochester People’s Climate Coalition when founded in 2014, Climate Solutions Accelerator is a non-profit that strives to create an environmentally sustainable community by supporting local efforts to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region. The Accelerator does so by empowering individuals and partner organizations to take action. This holistic approach maximizes the positive impact within the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region. Their recently launched AMPED: Go All Electric campaign promotes the transition of organizations’ vehicles and buildings to technologies powered by carbon-free electricity1. The Accelerator will be hosting the Climate Solutions Summit from April 22 to 24 (both virtually and in-person) and you are encouraged to register through this link.

Taproot Collective

Taproot Collective is a local organization with the mission of building holistic systems for healthy local food, dignified housing, and educational opportunities with youth and families. The organization has been implementing amazing initiatives including nutrition workshops for K-12 & family, community-led garden design, and volunteering trips. Taproot Collective is currently on a multiyear project to help the city of Rochester identify solutions that enhance the biodiversity, productivity, and economic potential of  underused urban land. This will have huge benefits considering the number of abandoned spaces and blight in the city.  You can volunteer or become a member of the Collective by visiting this page.

Rochester Roots

Rochester Roots is a sustainability education and entrepreneurship organization that empowers communities create sustainable wellbeing. From practicums, science fairs, to sustainability labs, Rochester Roots has so many programs that it’s hard to keep track. They have 26 sustainability labs where they empower youth to develop solutions for their own problems of interest. Rochester Roots’ cross-disciplinary and inter-generational approach stimulates students and brings out their best in developing entrepreneurial solutions. For more information about the organization and potential involvement, visit their contact page.


Photo Credit:  Unsplash

Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2022

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