How to Make your Car More Efficient

Did you know that taking care of your car can help you and the environment? It is no secret that cars are not the most environmentally friendly things, but they are convenient. The average U.S. household spends about $250 on gas each month. By implementing a few of these tips, you can help make those dollars last longer, and thus reducing your need for gasoline.

  1. Do not drive with your lead foot. The best way to save money and be energy efficient is to pay attention to the way you drive. You’re often wasting gas rather than using it by speeding or pressing on the accelerator right when the light changes. The engine and transmission can only convert so much of your gasoline to energy at a time, but if you’re sending it all at once, you end up losing some rather than it being used. Instead, be a little slower and save yourself some gas.
  2. Don’t warm up your car. “Warming up your car” was recommended in the past, but newer cars don’t require this. In the winter, use a scraper to clear the frost on your window instead of leaving the engine running for a long time.
  3. Reduce weight. It takes more power to move something heavier. How can you make your car lighter? Don’t carry around unnecessary cargo. Avoid leaving items in the backseat or trunk.
  4. Use the right gasoline. Higher grade gasoline does not necessarily mean it is better for your car. Instead, follow manufacturers’ recommendations, which in most cases is the lower 87-grade gas. Manufacturers research ways to increase the gas mileage on their vehicles so there’s no reason to go against it. No need to pay for the high-grade stuff if you’re wasting money with no extra performance.
  5. Wash your car less. Some car owners wash their cars every chance they get. Reduce your water usage by washing your car a little less and doing so at night when it is cooler. Try not to let the hose run and opt for buckets.
  6. Carpool. When possible, try to carpool with friends and coworkers. Sharing a ride means fewer emissions going into the atmosphere — plus, you can always have fun with a bit of carpool karaoke.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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