Moving out and Moving On

After the Move-out Cleanout was on hiatus last year (thanks to move-out happening in the unplanned pandemic frenzy of 2020), we were really pleased to have been able to offer some move-out collections this year. While we still could not hold our annual Cleanout to the scale we would during normal times, the results were still significant!

Different move-out procedures were in place this year, requiring students to move off of campus within 24 of their last final. Commencement also looked different, as ceremonies were spread out to decrease the number of people gathering in one spot at a time. Guests were not invited to attend in person, but could view the ceremonies virtually. Though different, this was certainly an improvement from 2020 when campus was vacant and ceremonies happened virtually.

A similar type of progress was noted for our move-out collections. While we were not granted permission to set up collection barrels inside the residential buildings and Grassroots’ annual Dump & Run collection could not happen, Planet Aid was able to set up collection boxes for clothing outside of all residential areas. Collections were also placed out in a few select locations on campus to benefit the University’s Food Pantry.

Altogether 11,973 pounds of clothing was collected for Planet Aid. The Food Pantry obtained 6,818 items, which equated to about 9,300 pounds of food and 100 pounds of toiletries. In addition, we donated approximately 150 blankets that were used in quarantine housing to Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated. Your efforts truly make a difference! We are looking forward to getting back to normalcy next year, in our collections and all aspects of life!

Image Source: Unsplash

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