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Rochester Walking Tours 

What better way to explore the lovely city of Rochester than a self-guided walking tour? Whenever my parents visit Rochester, I always struggle to find activities for us to do. The Tour Blend App features various guided audio walking tours that help you explore some of Rochester’s spectacular views. 

There are a total of four tours to choose from. 

Eco Loop: If you choose to take this tour, you’ll be able to view Rochester’s High Falls Gorge from two different bridges along the Genesee River. You’ll also be able to learn about the city’s history of recycling and the importance of biodiversity and pollinators in today’s society. 

Lower Falls: This our guides you past a 110’ waterfall and then to a hydro power station. You also won’t want to miss the rose garden and underground railroad. 

High Falls: After visiting the rose garden, you’ll want to stop by High Falls. High falls is home to water wheels that powered flour mills and factories, giving the city its nickname as the “Flour” or “Flower” city. 

Sustainability: This tour will let you explore various sustainability projects. Although the University of Rochester is not part of the tour, feel free to stop by and learn about our initiatives. 

I enjoy using this app because it helps the maps make it easy to find famous landmarks and learn about their histories. Which tour will you take? 

Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022. 


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