A Successful Kickstart to RecycleMania 2020

Recyclemania 2020 has officially begun! Students and other members of the University community joined us in celebrating this 8-week competition on Tuesday, February 4th with our Kickoff event in Hirst Lounge of Wilson Commons.

There was lots to do including the recycling sorting game which gave participants an opportunity to touch up on their waste sorting knowledge while winning fun prizes. The interactive poster gave people the chance to express how they are sustainable and share ideas with others. The event was also a convenient time to learn about the ink cartridge recycling, Nike Reuse-a-Shoe, and plastic bag collection programs. There was even a raffle for a bag of sustainable goodies!

We hope everyone enjoyed Facilities Team Green’s table and those of some of our cosponsors including Dining Team Green, Eco Reps, Grassroots, and Green Space.

“This is lots of fun and I am glad we are raising awareness about sustainability. I think we (students) sometimes forget about other issues other than our academics, so this is a good way to remind us to focus on our planet too” states undergraduate Jade Seguchi, class of 2022.

There are still plenty of events to look forward to in the coming weeks including the Valentine’s Day Photo Booth where attendees will receive free chapstick for expressing the reasons they love the earth. There will be a reusable water bottle giveaway at the Single-use Plastic event and free reusable shopping bags at the Fast Fashion event. In the meantime, stop by our expression wall by the Starbucks lounge to express how you live sustainably, and see if you get caught green handed!

A copy of this year’s RecycleMania events can be downloaded/printed here.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022



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  1. Good news. I congratulate you. If you are completely new to waste sorting, start with just one thing. Decide what exactly you will collect separately – plastic, glass or waste paper. Once comfortable, add another type of garbage. Or at least start transporting batteries, accumulators, and thermometers to special hazardous waste collection points. You can recycle almost anything. One exception is hygiene items and medical waste. In any case, it must be understood that different types of waste require a different amount of time and resources. Did you know that, a quote from Wikipedia: “Man has been creating garbage throughout history, beginning with bone fragments left over from using animal parts and stone fragments discarded from toolmaking. The degree to which groups of early humans began engaging in agriculture can be estimated by examining the type and quality of animal bones in their garbage”, source – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garbage. Good luck!

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