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Today, a lot of trash cans are accompanied by a recycling can, a good sign that our society has been successfully educated about the importance of recycling. While recycling is commendable, it’s certainly not the best option. In fact, it comes only in third place in the three sustainability ‘R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The best gift to the environment would obviously be reduction, but when consumption is inevitable, before recycling, consider repurposing your used items. In this matter, the possibilities are limitless, and here are a few ideas.

Hydroponics with glass bottles — Glass bottles are embarrassing. Drinking the content takes minutes, but the clear container is bulky and heavy. How about transforming them into decorations? Clean your bottle, fill it up with water, then add a pothos or a succulent, and voila! You have a beautiful decoration to enliven your working or living space. You can add nutrients to the water to accelerate the plant’s growth.

Tote bags with old t-shirts — Have some unused, ripped t-shirts in your wardrobe? Transform them into elegant tote bags for shopping, and you will never have to accept plastic bags from the store again. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on making your own tote bag without a sewing kit.

Drawer dividers with cardboards — Online shopping has taken over the world, eliminating long trips to physical stores, but generating at the same time an insane amount of cardboard and bubble wrap. You can repurpose your shipping cardboard boxes by using them as dividers in your drawer. This way, you will keep your belongings organized without spending a penny. You can also realize tons of other cool DIY projects with cardboards. Consult Google or Pinterest for inspiration!


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

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  1. We actively try to reduce plastic in our home and office! We use our own reusable shopping bags and totes when we go shopping, keep items in Tupperware, and pack our own utensils for lunch. We’re doing what we can for the environment and appreciate everyone here doing the same!

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