From Plastic to Reusable

The University of Rochester’s EcoRep Plastic Bag Reduction Committee is tackling the plastic bag issue on campus this Spring. By promoting the use of reusable tote bags through a three-step program, the committee is using the fundamental idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic bags. The bags themselves are so sustainable because they are made out of old tshirts. The Committee is planning to create and distribute reusable bags to the general university population.

How their program works:

1. Recycle clean plastic bags in kiosks located in Hirst Lounge, Gilbert Community Lounge and outside of Hillside
2. Reuse clean unripped bags in Hillside
3. Use your reusable bag in Hillside for a 5% discount

The success of this program really depends on everyone in our community contributing. We all
have to do our part and it is so important that everybody makes the effort to transform what is
really just the product of habit. The EcoReps have been trying to implement this change throughout campus for years, but what sets this program apart is how the committee is addressing the problem through providing an alternative and sustainable option of reusable

Every reusable bag will be hand screen printed and designed by a Sage student so everyone
will want to carry one of these snazzy bags! It’s important to the committee to support the DIY
aspect of this particular bag too. And since we’re all about DIY, why not make a creative and
unique design for it while we’re at it?

The program will launch at the end of March. Be on the lookout for the release of the design till
then and stay updated through Dining Team Green’s social media!

Have any ideas about sustainability on campus that you’d like to voice or talk to someone
about? Reach out to us @ursustainibble!


Guest Post Written by Sarah Sun, Dining Team Green Marketing Intern, Class of 2018

4 Replies to “From Plastic to Reusable”

  1. Hi! I am an intern with the Brown University Office of Energy & Environmental Initiatives. I am researching other schools who have plastic bag recycling programs because this is something I’d like to help bring to Brown. I’d love to learn more about the logistics of your program. If you could send me an email, that would be amazing! Thank you!

  2. I think It’s quite important post. The topic of recycling and reuse of the various products (not only plastic) is а leading for our century.

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