Medical Center uses a Reusable Construction Barrier System

When construction occurs at the Medical Center, whether it be a large capital renovation or a small scale remodel, the work zone must be separated from the general public. This separation occurs so that people, very often patients, are not exposed to the debris from construction activities that can potentially be harmful to immunocompromised patients. It also prevents unauthorized persons from entering an area that may be hazardous. Typical construction barriers are made out of metal studs and drywall and exist for one-time use.

James Hughes (left) and Howard Halberstadt (right) of MCFO setting up the STARC Systems barrier

In light of a new project to replace several Radiology doors at Golisano Children’s Hospital, Dante Paladino, Project Manager for the Construction Renovation Group within Medical Center Facilities Operations, researched alternatives to the standard single-use drywall barriers. Paladino chose to use the Simple Telescopic Airtight Reusable Containment (STARC) Systems barrier, a modular, reusable alternative to the standard drywall technique, to isolate the Radiology door replacement project.

There are numerous reasons why the STARC Systems barrier is a better option for construction separation. First, the STARC Systems barrier can be set up very quickly as opposed to conventional wall construction, it will typically pay for itself in about 2.5 uses. According to the “Benefits of a Temporary Barrier Wall from STARC Systems” webpage, it is possible to build “50 feet of wall with corners and a swing door in 45 minutes or less with 2 people,” making it possible for those involved to move onto other projects earlier than before. The STARC Systems barrier is also easy to clean and does not introduce dust to the facility when being set up. Finally, and arguably most importantly, unlike the standard drywall barriers, the STARC Systems barrier is reusable. Since the STARC Systems barrier was designed to be used for decades after purchase, it has the potential to prevent large amounts of drywall from being sent to a landfill facility.

The STARC Systems barrier was installed at Golisano Children’s Hospital on June 8 and was utilized for the door replacement project. “Everything went as planned and the system was installed quickly with minimal noise, no disruption to service, and resulted in no construction dust or debris,” said Joe LaVigne, RA, CHC, Assistant Director of the Medical Center Facilities Operations.

STARC Systems barriers were created to be a more efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to one-time use drywall construction barriers. To learn more about the STARC barrier system, follow the link to an informational video.


Written by Michaela Burrell, Class of 2020



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