Sustainability Superstar: Kathy Mihal

Kathy Mihal of Department of Pharmacy

Kathleen Mihal of the Department of Pharmacy is no stranger to sustainable initiatives at the the University. As a Green Rep, Kathy has led many efforts from increasing recycling in her department, to getting her department to compete (and win an award) in the latest eyeglasses collection.

To Kathy, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Her approach to sustainability springs from her creative side and interest in repurposing and upcycling unwanted or discarded items into useful forms.

This past winter Kathy and her department saved the Styrofoam coolers from medicine shipments and donated them to Habitat for Cats, which repurposed them into shelters for feral cats. In addition, she has led the charge within her department to divert plastic containers from syringes and liquid medication bottles from the trashcan to the recycling bin. Bravo!

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