Social Media Contest for UR Sustainable

To its followers, The Green Dandelion sustainability blog serves as a vehicle for communication and discussion among the University of Rochester campuses and beyond. Created and maintained by University Facilities and Services, the blog reached a milestone 1,000 articles last summer. The UR Sustainable Facebook page has also garnered a fleet of supporters who look to the page for information, photos, videos, events and just about everything you need to know about sustainability at the University of Rochester and beyond. All of the articles that are posted on The Green Dandelion are also posted to the UR Sustainable Facebook page. University of Rochester Facilities and Services is now aiming to expand its reach on Twitter and Instagram as well.

From March 1 through March 12, a drawing will be held to promote the UR Sustainable social media pages and gain more followers, including the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Anyone who follows these social media pages during this time period will be automatically entered to win one of four Amazon gift cards! UR Sustainable became active on Twitter in the fall and is brand new to Instagram. So if you follow the Facebook page already, make sure to go ahead and follow the other platforms too!

Sustainability Coordinator Amy Kadrie says, “One of our greatest communication efforts has been the 60-Second Sustainability videos. Each video focusses on one area of sustainability where viewers can make a difference and each topic is communicated quickly, in about one minute. I am very proud of Facilities Team Green for creating this video series and have been really impressed with the outcome.” A collection of the 60-Second Sustainability videos can be viewed on the UR Sustainable YouTube page or the Facebook page. Kadrie also credits Sustainability Marketing Intern Teddi Shapiro (Class of ’19) for adding valuable content to the social media pages and gaining additional followers.

Help the UR Sustainable Facebook page reach its goal of 1,000 followers by clicking “like” on the UR Sustainable Facebook page. You can also subscribe to The Green Dandelion to stay updated on all of the articles posted. Since its creation in 2009, the blog has grown enormously. The articles posted on the blog are catered to a wide audience which includes students, faculty, staff, members of the Rochester community, and supporters of sustainability throughout the world.

To be entered in the drawing, follow us on any and all of our social media pages by midnight on March 12. To do so, simply follow the links provided in this article, or search for “UR Sustainable” on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and click “like” or “follow” to stay connected.


Written by Alyssa Lemire, Class of 2017

Image by Pixabay

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