2016 Waste Diversion Report

Last week the University of Rochester 2016 Waste Diversion Report was presented to the Waste Minimization Steering Committee. The report includes all materials recycled, reused, or otherwise diverted from the landfill as well as all materials landfilled and incinerated. Here are some of the key findings:

  • University wide waste diversion rate 41.1% (66.6% River Campus and 21.8% Medical Center) including construction and demolition material
  • University wide waste diversion rate 26.2% (37.9% River Campus and 19.0% Medical Center) excluding construction and demolition material
  • The rate without construction has increased 9% since the arrival of a recycling coordinator on campus
  • 9,182 tons of material recycled, reused or otherwise diverted from landfills
  • Total cost avoidance $292,282 (based on landfill tipping fee of $40.30/ton)
  • $47,062 received in rebates ($21,756 for cardboard, $23,235 for metal and $2,071 for ink cartridges)

View the full report below:

2016 YearEnd Recycling Waste Report

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