Do you have WaterSense?

WaterSense is an EPA sponsored program that promotes and certifies water efficient products, programs and practices.

Water is the most essential resource on earth. Over 400 billion gallons of water are used each day in the U.S. for all purposes including manufacturing and business, divided amongst the number of people in the U.S. that is an astounding 1,246 gallons of water per person. In reality each person uses an average of 80-100 gallons of water each day. If every person was to reduce their water consumption by one gallon per day – the result would be 318,000,000 gallons a day.

There are small personal steps we can take to reduce our water usage: reduce shower time, increase size of load of laundry, change how you wash dishes by hand and fill the sink rather than leave water running, fill dishwasher completely before running it, and be mindful of how you water your lawn.

Another way to reduce water usage is to change the equipment that you use to automatically use less water. The newer products typically use less energy and less water and also have improved results. EPA’s WaterSense program helps consumers identify water efficient products, and programs that meet Water Sense water efficiency and performance criteria. Check the product listing out at EPA WaterSense.

Written by: Patricia Beaumont

Photo by: Andrew (Megan) Laing (Hack)


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  1. Yes, people must replace their old toilet with a toilet that meets WaterSense. Old toilets usually use 3.5 GPF. But WaterSense-certified toilets use 1.2-1.6 GPF. That means you are saving approximately 2 gallons of water per flush.

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