Student’s Corner

This semester I am taking numerous environmental science classes–ECO 238: environmental economics, PSC 246: environmental law and policy, EES 319: energy decisions, and ENG 250: food justice. I am especially excited to be taking so many classes outside of the earth and environmental department. Not because I don’t love the department and the classes it offers, but because I am looking forward to taking the information I have learned in my environmental classes and applying it to fields like economics, political science, and english.

I am especially looking forward to ENG 250: food justice in which the class volunteers on an urban garden, once a week. Being a busy college student, it is hard to find time to get out and volunteer in the local community which is why this class was so appealing to me. The urban farm we will be working on is Seedfolk Community Farm attached to the Ghandi Institute–a short walk from the River Campus.

The University offers a wide variety of environmental courses. After studying abroad in Denmark, I realized that rather than trying to finish my second major–public health–that I would rather focus on the major I was really passionate about. So I dropped my public health major and enrolled in as many environmental courses as I could. I’m hoping to be able to graduate with not only and environmental studies degree but also a minor in sustainability. Other environmental courses the University offers include:

  • EES 211(W) Geohazards and Their Mitigation: Living on an active planet
  • EES 212 A Climate Change Perspective to Chemical Oceanography
  • EES 213(W) Hydrology and Water Resources
  • EES 216(W) Environmental Geochemistry
  • EES 218 Atmospheric Geochemistry
  • EES 103 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • BIO 225 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • BIO 247 Environmental Animal Physiology
  • BIO 104 Ecosystem and Human Society
  • EES 101 Intro. Geological Sciences (EES 101 or EES 102 may be counted as a technical elective if taken in the freshman year)
  • EES 102/202 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountain. Ranges/Plate Tectonics & Active Geologic Processes
  • EES 105 Introduction to Climate Change
  • EES 201 Evolution of the Earth
  • EES 203 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • EES 204(W) Earth Materials
  • EES 205 Solid Earth Geophysics
  • EES 207(W) Principles of Paleontology
  • EES 208 Structural Geology
  • EES 215 Environmental and Applied Geophysics
  • EES 217 Chemical Hydrology
  • EES 219(W) Energy and Society
  • EES 248(W) High Temperature Geochemistry
  • EES 251 Remote Sensing (2 credits)
  • EES 252 Marine Geology
  • EES 265 Paleoclimate
  • CHE 150 Green Engineering
  • ECO 238 Environmental Economics
  • ECO 251 Industrial Organization
  • PSC 243(W) Environmental Politics
  • PSC 246 Environmental Law and Policy
  • PSC 247 Green Markets
  • ENG 245 Literature and the Modern Environmental Imagination
  • PHL 230 Environmental Justice
  • ENG 280 The Rhetoric of Ecology and Environmentalism
  • HIS 186 History of Energy Resources
  • EES 307 Adv. Seminar in Climate and Environmental Change
  • EES 310 Interdisciplinary Topics in Sustainability
  • EES 312(W) Research in Ocean Biogeochemistry (Part A)
  • EES 313(W) Research in Ocean Biogeochemistry (Part B)
  • EES 319(W) Energy Decisions
  • EES 320(W) Sustainable Systems
  • EES 360 Environmental Geology in the Field and Laboratory
  • EES 391 Independent Study in Environmental Studies
  • EES 393(W) Senior Thesis in Environmental Sciences (4 or 8 credits)

Written by Alyssa Lemire, Class of 2017