Green Reps Success Story

Christine Brower, from URMC’s Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, is one of the University of Rochester’s Green Reps.  Green Reps act as advocates, teachers, and liaisons of sustainability on a departmental level. Often the small changes made by Green Reps can have a ripple effect on other positive behavior changes and practices.

“Our department provides coffee service for our employees,” says Christine. “But when we moved into the Saunders Research Building (a LEED-certified building), we no longer provided Styrofoam cups.” Instead, all employees now bring their own cup or mug. “Since our department has over 80 employees, it makes a big difference,” she says.

Has your department made this change yet? Don’t wait for someone else to do it, YOU can make the change!

Thanks, Christine, for sharing this great example of how a small change at the department level can have a big impact on going green at Rochester!

If you are interested in becoming a Green Rep or learning more about the program, please visit our webpage.


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