Student’s Corner

Let’s talk about money. As a college student, I don’t have a lot of it. And with one of my favorite past times being buying food, my bank account isn’t always happy. For that reason, I’d like to introduce you to one of the best things to happen to your bank account and to the environment in a long time (on this campus, at least). Hillside will be offering a 5% discount when you use a reusable bag with your purchase. Thanks to the 2015-2016 EcoReps, Dining Services has agreed to a 30-day trial period during which they will offer this discount, and track its effects on costs to Hillside and effectiveness at increasing the use of reusable bags. This new reusable bag discount is part of three-pronged approach the EcoReps are working to implement in order to reduce the use of plastic bags on our campus. The EcoReps have already succeeded in implementing a system in Hillside in which individuals can drop off their used plastic bags, and customers can then opt to use one of these gently used bags rather than use a new one. The EcoReps are also looking into a way to recycle plastic bags at an off campus location, as the University’s recycling contract with Waste Management does not currently allow for the recycling of plastic bags. Through their efforts, the EcoReps are truly embodying the Meliora spirit, while embracing the “reduce, reuse, recycle” attitude.

Want to learn about another way to save money on food on campus? Check out my post about the reusable mug program.

Written by Ciara McGillivray, class of 2018