Green Gadgets

Green gadgets have been gaining popularity for some time now among both consumers and manufacturers. The more ways one person can live sustainability, the better it is for our planet. Reducing the amount of energy we use can help reduce our carbon footprint. Purchasing and using green gadgets is one way to do this. Tech companies have been devoting more time and resources to eco-friendly products. These products are becoming more affordable as their popularity rises.  They can also save consumers a decent amount of energy.  Green gadgets can be purchased anywhere from Amazon and Ebay to eco-friendly boutiques. They also range in price depending on size and function. The following list is only a small portion of the many eco-friendly products available.

  1. Eco-friendly laptops
  2. Normally when buying a new laptop, eco-friendly functions are not top priority. However, there are options which work just as well as their energy-consuming counterparts. ASUS has created a completely biodegradable laptop from bamboo. The laptop contains no hazardous material and still manages to be energy efficient. Other bamboo products such as earphones, mice, and keyboards are also available on the market.
  3. Cell Phones and chargers
  4. Almost everyone has a cell phone today. Many cell phone users charge their phones overnight, keeping them plugged in much longer than necessary. This uses excess energy. Cell phones also release chemicals into landfills when not disposed of properly. To reduce the impacts of your cell phone usage, you can invest in an eco-friendly cell phone such as Samsung’s Galaxy Exhilarate which is made of eighty percent recycled parts. High efficient chargers are also available which draw virtually no power when they recognize the phone is fully charged. Solar powered phone chargers are another green gadget that is growing in popularity. These chargers come in many shapes and sizes including rechargeable phone cases, solar panel battery packs, window chargers, and many more.
  5. Water powered clock
  6. There are many versions of the water powered clock on the market. This clock is powered completely by water, using no electricity or batteries. The clock is powered by a mixture of water and ions which interact with two metal poles. The ions in the water are turned into an electrical current to power the clock’s display. The clock lasts for up to fourteen weeks before it simply needs to be refilled with water.
  7. Battery Free Mouse
  8. Wireless mouse are very popular nowadays, but they require a lot of batteries. An eco-friendly alternative would be a battery free mouse which uses a microUSB rechargeable cable. The mouse only needs to be charged for three minutes before it reaches full capacity. This is a great alternative to battery powered wireless chargers. The rechargeable version also tends to be similar in price.
  9. Smart sockets
  10. Many companies have started producing “smart sockets” which can be an energy saving solution to almost any appliance. These energy-monitoring plugs automatically shut down the power supply when your device is not in use, or done charging. Some of these devices even come with a smart phone app which allows you to measure your energy consumption and the associated costs. The app also turns appliances on or off depending on your proximity to them. Another, much less expensive innovation is the plug organizer. You can attach the plug organizer to the bottom of electrical outlets to easily organize your wires for appliances you are not currently using. This makes unplugging unused appliances much more convenient.

Written by Alyssa Lemire, Class of 2017



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