Where to Recycle on Campus

Have you ever been walking around campus, holding an empty iced drink container from Starbucks, wondering where on earth you should go to recycle it? Luckily, there are places to recycle all across campus, both inside and outdoors.

Indoor recycling containers typically come in a set of three, and look like this:



The green container is for plastic, glass, and metal containers, the center container is for non-recyclable waste, and the blue is for paper. When using these recycling  containers, be sure to properly sort and separate what you are recycling and throwing out, and also ensure that plastic, glass, and metal containers are empty and clean.

When recycling or throwing out non-recyclables outdoors, there are three different types of receptacles that you might encounter:

Solar powered trash compactor, or “Big Belly”


big belly

Double Ironsite

Double Ironsite

Retrofitted split-stream ironsite

Retroffited split-stream Ironsite

To find locations of these different types of recycling and trash receptacles, simply check out the map below!

Outdoor Recycling Containers

Happy recycling!


Written by: Ciara McGillivray, Class of 2018