Empowering Communities with Renewable Energy

A while back we were approached by former UR student, Nicholas James. Since moving on from the University, Nicholas spent time volunteering to install wind turbines in rural communities in Peru that were previously without electricity. His experience inspired him to co-found an organization deticated to educating and empowering rural communities through wind energy. In this blurb, Nicholas shares with us the experience of volunteering at WindAid Institute:

“WindAid Institute is an NGO that empowers rural communities in Peru with wind energy. Volunteers come from around the world, to learn hands-on about the science and benefits of wind energy. They are then able to give the turbine they have built to a community here in Peru who had no electricity.

From working alongside Peruvians, to growing bonds with the other people volunteering around the world, the experience is not only unforgettable, it is a fantastic opportunity to grow from. People get the chance to learn the benefits of renewable energy, see first hand the affects of climate change, and in a month actually see their work going into communities that are some of the most vulnerable, and most grateful in the world for that help.

I feel it important to note that WindAid specifically focuses on empowering the communities not just with electricity, but with the wherewithal to run and maintain them. This is necessary for the kind of work we do, and leads to an even more interactive experience for the volunteer.”

For more information, visit  www.WindAid.org or contact Nicholas at Nick@WindAid.org.  You can apply to be a volunteer at http://www.windaid.org/application-form/.




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