Leaders in Sustainability #2 – Rachel Kyte

The environmental movement is one that is categorized by its diverse and multifaceted efforts. While positive in that it targets problems from a variety of different angles and mediums, its multilayered aspects can sometimes make the movement seem overwhelming and abstract. However, one way to help demystify its broad landscape is to clarify who the leaders of sustainability are and what the different spheres they work within are. Below is the second of five main leaders who are steering the push for sustainable change:


Rachel Kyte

Who she is:

  • Vice President of the World Bank Group, Special Envoy of the Climate Change Group
  • Professor of Practice in Sustainable Development at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  • Known for her “quiet strength, and intellectual rigor.”


What she has done for sustainability:

  • Works for the Climate Change Group which handles climate finances, such as carbon pricing and deals with fiscal initiatives to encourage sustainable actions
  • Uses finances as an encourager of green growth and an advocate for global climate action
  • Latest project: At the most recent UN Climate Summit, the group challenged governments, oil companies, and industries to commit to zero gas flaring globally by 2030.

Her words:

  • “The latest IPCC report also tells us that the later you start to address the climate challenge, the more you must rely on untested technology, and costs go up. That’s not good economics.”




Written by Julie Elliot, Class of 2015


Photo by:


Vienna Energy Forum 2013: launch of the SE4All Global Tracking FrameworkLaunch of the SE4All Global Tracking FrameworkRachel Kyte, Kandeh YumkellaVEF 2013 VIENNA , 28 May 2013Foto: UNIDO/ Gerhard Fally 

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