With 48.7 million users globally, Pinterest is a mecca for people to share media content. The concept is quite simple – when a user sees something on the internet that they like, they can “pin it” to one of their Pinterest boards, generally organized by a topic or theme. Users can share their pins with one another, follow other people’s boards, and “repin” something they find interest already on Pinterest, resulting in a unique, personalized feed for the user.

Since Pinterest is so popular and universal, you can find lots of information on recycling, sustainability, and living a green lifestyle. For example, I searched “green crafts,” and a host of ideas using recycled materials for a craft came up. You can even be more specific with your search, such as “green crafts for kids.” Additionally, “green ideas” had a ton of pins, varying from natural cleaning products, plantable greeting cards, and “10 free ways to go green today.”

My personal favorite search I did was for “eco friendly beauty.” There I found DIY (do it yourself) hair masks, suggestions for eco-friendly beauty products, and different brands that are known for being green.

I encourage you to search for yourselves! What did you come up with in your searches? Comment below!


Written by Lauren Henry, class of 2014

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