A Better Wedding

Even though a wedding can be an incredibly stressful event to plan, if the couple puts a little extra effort into it they can make their special day eco-friendly as well as special.

Invitations are a great place to start. Personally calling guests or sending out e-vites saves the paper that would go into save-the-date notices. Then when it’s time to print the final invitation, do so on recycled paper.

In terms of food, finding an organic caterer ensures that harmful pesticides were not used on the products. Hiring a local caterer will also eliminate the fuel necessary to transport the food from remote locations.

Having an outdoor wedding significantly cuts down on energy, since the space does not have to be heated, air conditioned, or lit. All the floral arrangements that decorate the venue can be donated to a hospital, nursing home, or office so that they are reused rather than thrown away.

There is really no limit to the small steps that can make a wedding day more eco-friendly. Replace paper confetti with lavender buds, order photos on a disc rather than getting them printed, purchase a vintage dress, light soy candles, or even drive off in a Prius limousine! Incorporating any of these tips can help make the special day a little healthier for the environment.



Written by: Abigail Fagan, Class of 2014

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  1. I love a green wedding and it seems they’re increasing in popularity. In my location there are many options popping up for green alternatives from venues to details which is fantastic.
    I love the idea of replacing confetti with lavender!!!

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