Green Apps For Kids and Adults

Children and adults love apps. Games, social media, and other convenient uses have captivated kids and grown ups alike. Here are some fun apps about the environment and being green that are fun for all ages.

Green Up: This app uses a digital garden to encourage social interaction and decision-making among groups to help virtual kidapp3plants thrive. Along the way, users will learn about ecology and biodiversity, climates, gardening basics, and plant life cycles.

Water1der: This app tests your knowledge through its wheel of water. Through trivia, learn about groundwater, pollution, conservation, the water cycle, and water use. Other formats include   multiple choice,kidapp2 word scramble, matching, and true or false.

Gro Memo: Help cute animals clean up their polluted homes! As the forest and sea are cleaned, witness the animals happy in their environments. This educational and fun app teaches about habitats and pollution.

Green Schools Revolution: Compete to become the ultimate Eco Warrior at home and at school. This co-operative game is your opportunity to show how green you can be. Use your knowledge of water and kidapp1energy to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

All of these apps can encourage your kids to be green and learn about the environment. If you have one,  comment below with your favorite green educational app.



By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013

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  1. As an instructor at iD Tech I had a student create a program in Java that assisted his mother with gardening and growing vegetables. His mother could input certain information specific to the types of plants she was growing and the program would give her a watering schedule. His hope was that his mother could be successful growing her garden while conserving water.

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