University of Rochester’s Surplus Property Programs

Large items can be challenging to dispose of responsibly or find a new home. Couches, desks, chairs, and more can be too much of a hassle to dispose of properly. Luckily, the University of Rochester has a solution. Several programs exist to buy and sell furniture and other large items within and outside of the University.  There are three programs currently in use – the Medical Center Surplus Property Program, the Corporate Purchasing Surplus Property Program, and Currents Classified.

Despite its name, the Medical Center Surplus Property Program services all branches of the University. Originally, it was only for the Medical Center but has grown in its 15 years of existence. Today, most of its business occurs on the River Campus. All items are donated by different areas of the University and are available for purchase. Items include desks, chairs, beds, sofas, sleep chairs, exercise equipment, hospital beds, and filing cabinets. Pickup of donated items is free. The items are then sold at a low cost determined by buyer and seller, and are available either for pickup by the buyer or $40 delivery. Students, staff, faculty, and even those outside of the University such as non-profits and neighborhood associations can purchase items through this program. Contact Les Pfluke or the Customer Service Center to arrange a purchase or donation.

The Corporate Purchasing Program is designed to re-circulate items within the University before sale to the public. The goal of the program is to reuse items and avoid purchasing new equipment when possible. This program has been in existence for 29 years. First items are listed through departments via the Request to List Equipment Form. For 14 days, the item is available for internal transfer among University departments only. After that, the item is available for sale outside the University or to University employees. The full list of available items is found here. Departments can also submit a Wish List – Items Wanted request in order to hopefully obtain that item sooner.

Currents is the faculty and staff newspaper covering news and newsmakers from all over the University. Back in 2000, Currents had a large classified section, which eventually needed more space and moved online. Unfortunately due to this shift it largely disappeared. The revamped version restarted in 2008 by Michael Osadciw, Lori Packer, Jen Roach and Mike Jones of University Communications, who saw the need for a Craigslist-like program for the University. The new Currents Classified aims to connect sales of personal property such as baby clothes and household furniture between University personnel. The system is completely online, and employees arrange meeting and sale amongst themselves, and it is a safer alternative to actual Craigslist. The listing of items can be found here.

So remember to shop around the University before making that big couch purchase or selling your old one. You never know what you are going to find.

By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013

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  1. Things changed a lot from past, the rise of education level help people to make available things for those who needs. Thus such programs also helps to save world and environment from getting destroyed thus consuming old items is the best way to make world beautiful.

  2. I think its an excellent property programs when it comes to disposing of large home items. The other colleges should be aware of such activities and I encourage to participate such programs.thanks:

  3. This is an excellent way to recycle items and save money. More colleges should be doing this to get the most possible use out of old furniture and other necessities. Clearly it a successful program if you’ve been doing it for 29 years. I am wondering how much work goes into facilitating such a program.

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