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The other day I was perusing through Facebook when the “Keep America Beautiful” page came up on my feed (check them out! I highly recommend “liking” their page – I stumbled across this picture which sparked my interested. I had forgotten how much energy is wasting just from keeping your charger in the wall without actually using it. I encourage you take this green pledge to stop wasting electricity in the home. What other simple ideas do you have for saving energy? Comment below!

Written by Lauren Henry, class of 2014

One Reply to “Student’s Corner”

  1. The University of Rochester could charge students for the amount of electricity they use. I left everything plugged in when I left my dorm room for the day, there was no reason not to. If I had been facing the bill for my power use I likely would not have done that. In fact, after seeing my electric bill for my NYC apartment last month, I stopped using my air conditioner.

    Also, I wish the contributors to this blog didn’t post infographics and treat them like they could tell no lies. I rarely believe things I read and see. Part of a college education is learning to think about things yourself.

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