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abvi_logo150Looking for some new additions to your wardrobe but short on cash? Look to some of Rochester’s consignment stores and thrift shops for a new, sustainable look! Not only is buying clothing second hand better for your wallet, it is also beneficial to the environment. Reducing the production of new clothing reduces the amount of pesticides and water that are used in cotton farms. By donating clothing or buying secondhand, there is a reduction in new clothing production, which leads to a reduction in greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds released into the water and air from manufacturing processes. Also, each person, on average, throws away about 68 pounds of clothing and textiles each in year. Instead of putting those clothes in the trash, why not donate them? You’ll be benefiting the environment as well as those in need. In addition, with buying clothes second hand, you’ll be supporting local charity organizations and businesses. So take a look at these local thrift shops and consignment stores all in Rochester, maybe I’ll see you there!

Second Season Clothing
1555 Mt. Hope Avenue
(5850 244-6666

Marianne’s Consignments
792 Clinton Ave S
(585) 442-6910

422 Clinton Ave S
(585) 232-1111

Written by Lauren Henry, Class of 2014.

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