Recycled Furniture Turned into Mailboxes

In February of this year, Facilities Student Helper Ian Gauger embarked on a project to redo the Facilities for Residential Life office’s mail system. New mailboxes needed to be added to accommodate new additions to facilities staff. Furthermore, all of the flimsy metal mailboxes were in desperate need of improvement in order to accommodate holding tools and other large items which they were often required to.

The process began with a number of measurements that were used to create a CAD drawing of what the new mailboxes would look like. Ian then began breaking down an old “sleigh bed”,  which had been replaced by newer style beds system wide. With the help of the Operations Manager, Randy Poole, and the Building Mechanic, Chris Vath, he cut, planed, sanded, and stained the bed birch plywood backing. Ian then assembled the mailbox unit and attached a veneer made of oak from the bed’s side rails.

In total the project took two weeks to complete and provided a stylish addition and much needed organization to the office.

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  1. There are sometimes designated recycle rooms in residential areas, which you may open with your own house key. You may find small pieces of furniture, kitchen equipment, carpets etc. left by moved-away tenants.

  2. Spending the money on clearing the illegally dumped waste, can be utilized for hospitals and other services. Instead of throwing the materials the office furniture recycling can be done and reutilized.

  3. That’s a really great way to turn recycled furniture into something useful again! I’ve seen a lot of old stuffs that were turned into something interesting, really creative and are very functional. Truly, somebody’s waste can be somebody else’s treasure. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh! Yes it is really a great way to recycle the furniture. It is really an innovative and cost efficient idea. One can apply this to his or her office as well. A good company which provide services of office furniture designing and fit outs can do this job perfectly.

  5. thats a nice way to turn redundant furniture back into usable storage, sometimes even I come across bits of furniture and think its such a shame that functional stuff has to be broken down for recycling but I guess you’ve just proven that with abit of time and CAD, any kinda storage can happen 🙂 Nice!

  6. it is a clever idea of recycling, but in my personal opinion i like the old look of waste wood that typically a recycle furniture had. but still…i like the products

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