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Everyone loves a relaxing vacation. Why not give the environment a break, too? Planning your next vacation as an eco-friendly one is no difficult task with the following tips:

– Travel with your own reusable water bottle instead of continuously purchasing disposable bottles.Vacation

– Invest in portable solar chargers for your iPod, phone, camera, etc. They come in many varieties, including backpacks and jackets for easy transportation.

– Hang up your towels and use them more than once as opposed to using new towels every night. Request that the hotel or lodge staff do not replace them, and also that they don’t change the sheets.

– Take advantage to the local public transportation provided by your vacation destination – not only does it do good for the environment, but you’ll also be experiencing the location in a more authentic way.

– While on vacation, many families indulge in eating out. Make an effort to eat at local restaurants and to avoid big chains.

– Many travel companies, such as Travelocity, allow you to choose a “Green Hotel” on their website at checkout. You can also choose to purchase a “Carbon Offset.” The money you pay goes toward the planting of trees to offset your carbon emissions as you travel.

– Rent a Hybrid car for traveling within your destination and to and from the airport.

– Take advantage of, a program that connects travelers with families willing to accept them into their homes, most of the time at no cost. The website reports over 3,000,000 happy surfers!

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  1. Its always good to read that there are responsible people left on our planet. I enjoyed these tips and also point out that at most of the hotels and lodges in Africa have a notice in the bathrooms as a reminder to the guest to think before they just throw the used towel on the floor for house keeping. Good clean water is expensive and is in shortage around the world so remember to think before you wash.

    Old Timer

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