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Hello readers! As many of you have probably noticed, campus has been bustlin’ with back-to-school fun since the return of its student body this week. Amidst the inevitable schedule changes and huge stacks of books from the package store, the UR Facilities Team Green and Grassroots–along with many other vital supporting groups–are thrilled to throw RECYCLEMANIA in the mix! Nothing like a good ol’ intercollegiate competition–and one you can participate in at every campus meal, nonetheless. The Recyclemania committee has been working long and hard to get the gears turning on this project, and you’ll have numerous opportunities to see the results throughout the next ten weeks with a huge variety of events sponsored by groups from all across campus, including Grassroots, the Microfarm, Global Water Brigades, Dining’s Team Green, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Sigma Alpha Mu, Delta Upsilon, GreenSpace, EcoReps, and potentially even more. Here’s a schedule of some of the events we have in store.

Phew, what a collaboration! We’re excited to know that there will be something for everyone across campus to take part or interest in within the next ten weeks. Taking first things first, however, let’s check out the kick-off few weeks. January 20 – February 2 are our pregame weeks, which allow the facilities team to check up on things behind the scenes. Since Recyclemania is primarily focused on increasing the University’s recycling rates, we will be taking these weeks to check on our measurements, calculations, and other tinkerings to ensure that our reports to the Recyclemania organization will be accurate. But, that’s not all! Swing by Wilson Commons this Wednesday between 11:30am and 1:30pm (as well as the next nine Wednesdays) and score some promotional pins to gear up for Recyclemania. The following week, you can visit Dining’s Team Green on Monday, January 28th at Meatless Monday. Enjoy some excellent veggie-friendly food and learn about where exactly your leftovers end up (sneak peak: it’s always best to not have any leftovers at all!). To complement your newfound knowledge, visit the Microfarm at their film screening of Dirt! on Thursday, January 31st at 8pm in Dewey 1101.

Week 3 (February 3-9) is when the competition officially begins! Besides recycling all of your paper products, plastic, metal, glass, etc. (here’s a useful reminder about what is or is not recyclable) , you can learn all about water conservation. On Wednesday February 6th, the Global Water Brigades will be giving an informational presentation on their recent trip to Honduras to construct a clean-water system. The following day offers several opportunities to learn about water conservation including a panel on Banning Bottled Water–a move that our nearby rival RIT has already made. Find out why at the discussion on February 7th from 6-8pm in the Gowen Room. Following that at 8pm, check out the film Flow in Dewey 1101.

I’m excited to see a lot of faces at these events in the next few weeks. They are great opportunities for hall programs and other group activities, or for just impressing the socks off one of your new professors. Check back here at the Green Dandelion regularly to find updates on details and events. See ya out there!

By Kathleen Shannon, Class of 2013


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