Buy energy efficient with manufaturing in mind

Look for this logo when considering your new r...
Look for this logo when considering your new roofing materials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you buy something, try to see the “indirect costs,” rather than just the direct ones. Consider these two questions;

1) How much energy does it take to make a product?

2) How much energy will it take to use this product?

When you buy a car for example, you are not only signing up to use the energy and fuel it takes to fill the gas tank, but you’re also purchasing the energy used to mine the ore, make the steel, assemble and ship the car, and build the roads the car drives on. This is an example of what it really means to be aware of your energy footprint – what matters is not just how you use it, but how it was made and where it will go when you’re done with it!

Looking for Energy Star products when buying new appliances is a great first step, but remember to ask these questions before purchasing a product and you will save yourself – and the world – a lot of unnecessary cost!

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