Did you know? Caps and lids are recyclable in Monroe County!

There has been some confusion regarding what, exactly, we should do with our caps and lids when recycling. Caps and lids have been recyclable since June 2011, when Monroe County expanded its recycling program to include all plastics 1 – 7. The caps and lids from any plastic, metal, or glass container that can be recycled should also be recycled. But wait! There is one catch – you should always detach the cap or lid from the container prior to recycling, and then toss it in the bin.

Why, you ask? Typically, the types of plastics used to make caps and lids are not the same types used for the containers. Sometimes, they are made of two different materials altogether. Therefore, they are separated into separate streams. Additionally, when the container is crushed at the recycling plant, if the cap or lid is still attached, it can fly off and injure a worker or damage equipment.

So remember: don’t send caps and lids to a landfill if they are able to be recycled.


Written by: Melissa Kullman, class of 2014

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