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Happy Friday, planet pals! For those of you not familiar with the Rochester/Western New York region (oh, and I am not just talking about the freshmen), you will be more than pleasantly surprised at the amount of activities that take place all year round in this gorgeous area. You’ll come to appreciate and look forward to all four seasons (winter tries to steal a little extra time, but it doesn’t faze us) and what those seasons has to offer.

One sure-fire sign of autumn is the 55th(!!!!!) annual Clothesline Festival held at our very own and the city’s premier museum of fine art, the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG). Since I’ve studied human behavior (that just means I’m getting old), I can tell you are thinking: “Clothesline Festival? What do you do, gather a bunch of five year olds and exhibit their fingerpainting? Not for me.” Nope, not even close.

The Clothesline Festival is Rochester’s largest/longest Fine Arts event. While there are many family activities, free entertainment, and terrific food there are local and now international artists displaying their creations for you to browse or buy. Our artists from NY state and 37 countries will proudly exhibit their talents in photography, ceramics, paintings, jewelry, glass, wood, fiber, leather, metals, gems, sculpture and graphic design just to name a few.

So, if you want to take in the beauty of MAG and the grounds or you just have to have something to fit on that beautiful end table you adore, or maybe get a little jump on Christmas shopping (I did not just write that did I?) come on by this weekend, September 10 and 11. More info may be found at

Oh, one more thing…… does this fit in with the Green Corner? First, our waste vendor, Waste Management is donating over 30 recycling boxes, so we’ll generate less material to the landfill and second, you will find many of our artisans have created new pieces of art from recycled material. So, come on out to Clothesline, you can help the planet just by being there.

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