URMC Efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

URMC has been continuing to make efforts to overcome the challenges that exist in implementing and managing recycling programs. This past year, the lack of space and restrictions from various regulatory agencies have only been intensified with the economic challenges that we have all been faced with. But the ideas of some innovative URMC employees have resulted in the successful savings of money and natural resource. Here are two examples of some true win-win situations for both the planet and our wallets.

Robin Scholl of Highland Hospital’s Department of Medicine noticed an opportunity in the hundreds of large white envelopes that lab results are sent out in every day. Due to Robin’s online suggestion, Jeremy Cooper of Clinical Services now collects the envelopes back for reuse at Box 608. As a result Jeremy has been able to cut down the order of new envelopes by 25%.

clip_image002Roosevelt Cummings, Environmental Services Supervisor at SMH, has come up with an ingenious compliment to the hospital’s recycling program by “reusing for recycling”. The plastic bags that are removed from clean linen carts now serve another purpose as they line the collection totes for glass, metal, and plastic recyclables. The bags are collected in barrels for staff to take each morning when they sign in.

Your ideas can make a difference too!